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I just received an email from Dawn telling me that I am now a blogger. I have not "blogged" yet. My last post was a communion mediation from a couple of weeks ago that I decided to add to this as a test. It looked like it worked.

Hope that you were able to come to the Trail Life USA/American Heritage Girls Fall Kick-off Party this past Friday night. What great fun! Lots of the ministry leaders participated in the organization, set up and clean up, greatly appreciated for sure. LOTS of kids! We had Jungle Terry bring his traveling zoo to the delight of all. The kids were clustered around him and the creatures and at one point I counted 70+ kids. The adult count was at least twice that. Our catapult was slinging water balloons, Yukon Adventure sleds were racing, 3-D four square was busy, model camping site was set up, root beer floats were slurped and tons of cookies were chomped down. At dark, the parents dragged the kids home, cold and wet and laughing. Many new people were introduced to the troops and a bunch signed up. Monday night begins the year for the American Heritage Girls at 6:00pm and the Trail Life USA/Woodlands Trailmen at 6:30. The older Trailmen, Navigators and Adventurers will be meeting at the Lake Wilhelm Marina for a bike ride around the trail.

We are busy discipling the kids into the truths of God's Word, readying them for leading the next generation. Come join us.

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