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I've never blogged (or if I did- I didn't know it!). On the other hand, I have written loads of things over the years- all for one purpose: to help people become connected.

Our culture is facing a crisis of dis-connectedness. Even with (or, I might argue, "because of") all the avenues of social media and the internet in general, there is a growing lapse in the kind of connectedness that isn't limited by the number of characters. I'm talking about the kind of connectedness that comes with face-to-face dialogue in real-life conversation. The kind of connectedness that forgets about the passage of time. The kind of connectedness that is time consuming, inconvenient and even at times exhausting. But it's the kind of connectedness that leaves us enriched by the real-life fellowship for which we were created.

Connectedness is about real interaction with others and ultimately, God. It does come with a price-tag attached. You might have to allow others to see you for something more than your best "selfie"- that is, "less than perfect", even human! You might find that interaction with real people is actually irritating- it's OK it will give you a chance to grow in your own grace toward them!

What you will discover is, there are a bunch of people just like yourself- struggling to make it through, looking for the answers, needing a real friend, longing for a better relationship with God.

Where does the search for real connectedness begin? Church. Sunday School, worship wervices, Wednesday nights, Monday scouting, picnics, potlucks, service rgoups and fellowship gatherings - all to be found regularly at Church!

This Fall, we are making a concerted effort to provide you- the members of Christ's Body at Emmanuel loads of opportuntities to get REALLY connected with real-life breathing human beings and their Creator. Don't miss out the opportunties of your lifetime!

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