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We all need to be "in counseling"! Sin has so profoundly skewed our perspective that our grasp on reality is less than tenuous! The only problem with "counseling" is that it requires ears that can hear and a heart that is willing to change. Those two things are always under the control of the counselee, and making the choice to do them is far harder than the task of rendering the counsel itself!

The New Testament book of James is an incredilbly valuable source of powerfully practical counsel! Every one of its propositions is priceless, and every sentence bears a jewel of insight! As I read through the book this morning, my heart sang with the realization of its concentrated counsel. On the other hand, my heart grieves over the fact that my brain is seemingly unable to continually apprehend what the book of James says!

James calls us to seek God's wisdom when our own is found wanting.

He warns us against intemperate attitudes that turn us into arsonists of our own lives.

He speaks to the setting of life's priorities in a way that founds them upon God's will, while warning us against becoming pre-occupied with things that will all too soon perish.

He tells us to hit the reset button on our attitudes when life delivers its many trials- pointing out the fact that such trials actually work in favor of deeping our faith and bringing us to spiritual maturity.

He warns us against superficial prejudice that fails to see as God does.

He confronts us about blaming God for our sin (or its consequences) and gives the persepective of personal responsibility.

And the list goes on and on! What a blessing!

This morning, I am once agains thankful for the powerful counsel of God's Word. I will endeavor to remain in His counseling!

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