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Dinosaur Soft Tissue?

Dinosaur soft tissue?

“Is Genesis History?” is the topic of our Wednesday evening classes. In one of the classes we discussed the discovery of soft tissue in a dinosaur bone. It is a fascinating topic and attached are a couple of articles on the subject. One is the original article published by the discoverer of the dinosaur tissue, Mary Schweitzer.

This one is from Answers in Genesis:

Refuting the claim of Dr. Schweitzer: this article uses explanations that support an evolutionist theory because they try to fit the evidence into that paradigm. It appears plausible but the words uses are vague: suggests, may, possibly, etc. the article also uses pejorative words to describe the views of young earth creationists; absurd, etc.

It is our hope that this information begins a search for information by the reader. Creation science is incredibly interesting and confirms Genesis 1:1.

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