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Youth Groups & Scouting


Kids(& Tweens)

Our philosophy is simple:  One is never too young to learn the love of God. With that in mind, age-appropriate classes are provided from birth to adulthood.  For those up through 6th grade, we have a variety of weekly opportunities for them to be introduced to the love of God, His Word, and His people.   Sunday School is held each Sunday morning, commencing at 9:45 am., followed by “second hour” and “The Edge” (when older family members are in worship), which provides an opportunity to reinforce the morning’s lesson in fun and exciting ways.   Each spring and fall, mid-week Family Nights provide another opportunity for fun, interactive learning.

Trail Life Troop 2

A faith-based outdoor adventure program for boys K-12th grades that places an emphasis on Christian character development, leadership, and moral purity. Outdoor activites help build relationships and provide a context for leadership, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Kids' Day Camp

Believing that reaching the children of our local community with the good news of Jesus Christ is one of our most critical missions, each summer we host a week-long Kids' Day Camp. through music, skits, missions, service projects, and of course food, we present the gospel message in a fun, entertaining, and non-threatening environment with the hope that God will use these tools to transform lives for eternity.

American Heritage Girls

A scouting program for girls K-12th grades, founded on faith in Christ, with a goal toward building women of integrity through service to God, community, and country.  Its six pillars of learning are spiritual, character, and social development, leadership and team building, and life skill enhancement.  Adult leaders of Troop PA0031 attempt to use every opportunity to speak truth and live out Christ's love, displaying an example worthy to follow.

Trail Life Promo with Carl Meyer - Family Life
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We use the term “Trailman” for the TL boys.  The idea of TL is that they are walking the “trail” of life with God and guidance of Godly men.  God’s design for the family is that a man and women raise a family of children.  It takes both parents to do this, but at about 8 years old or so, a boy needs his father to complete his manhood journey.  Naturally, a mother has profound influence on her sons and is not to be ignored or discounted or diminished in any way. But a father, and other men, train boys to be men. Christian fathers, grandfathers, and other Godly men, disciple a boy to be Christian men of integrity.  Trail LIfe  provides a way to do that with fathers and grandfathers, and a community of men and boys, trailmen, working together in this process.

 Check out the web site, There is much information on that web site and it built to answer questions you may have about how the minsitry functions.   Dont miss the videos of the men who founded Trail Life. You will see the hearts of these  men and tell you how it started. 

Walk Worthy!

Carl Meyer, 

Troopmaster, TL-PA-0002



Youth Group 6th-12th Grade

Our youth group is a safe, accessible place for young people who choose to meet and socialise in an informal setting. Opportunities to develop skills and confidence are built into the program. The youth group is supported by adults, but will be a place where young people design their own program and activities while developing a sense of community and participation. 

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